Your involvement in your child’s education is important. The more you know about what we are doing here to help your child, the more you can support the process at home. Because Children are with us starting at 18 months and stay with the little hands program until age 3 to 3 1/2, and can continue at our sister Montessori school through age 6, staff and parents have the opportunity to develop close relationships, which serves to strengthen the child’s educational experience.


We recognize the need for parents and teachers to work together to serve the best interests of the child. Mutual respect and basic agreement on general educational goals is extremely important. Discussions on the Montessori philosophy and child development are held throughout the year to better familiarize parents with the Montessori Method.


There are daily opportunities to communicate during arrival and dismissal times, as well as unitizing phone messages, emails and notes.


We have found that observation has been beneficial to parents and visitors to better understand the Montessori philosophy and our program.** Observing from our monitor will allow you to view your child without disrupting the peacefulness and order of the classroom community.** Parents are invited to observe their child's class during the work period, once the child has become acclimated. Occasional 'lunch dates' and Birthday celebrations can be scheduled as an opportunity for you to participate in the class. Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year and can be arranged more often when needed. Written reports are prepared at the end of each school year.


We understand that it is sometimes a concern to parents of little ones when they first come to school. In order give parent and child a good start we encourage parents to set up a few play dates between enrollment and the start date. This gives both parent and child a chance to meet the teachers, children and become familiar with the environment. Before entering we schedule an orientation with teacher, parents and the child to ask and answer questions so that we all become comfortable with each other. In some cases the teacher can set up a home visit so that the child can see that this new person in their life is a family friend and welcome in his/her home.
By the time the child comes on the first day of school we are all "old friends. The parent drives into the  driveway at the school next door and a staff member assists the child out of the car while mom or dad say a simple "goodbye, have a great day" from the driver's seat then drives away while the child is walking to Little Hands Montessori with one of the staff.