Cora picking tomatoes

Summer tomatoes grown and picked by the toddlers at LHM.

Summer at LHM is a continuation of the school year program. Consistency for the little ones is very important so we do not make any big changes, just keep the same safe, comfortable environment in which the children to enjoy happy, learning. We highly recommend that toddlers schedules continue through the summer for consistency and so they do not go backwards in their progress. If your family vacations in the summer we are closed for the month of August and hope you will plan your trips at that time.

Summer is also a great time to start new children. We historically have a few openings as we begin summer and some of our older toddlers move up to MCDC.

The summer program is 8 weeks (recommended) with a minimum enrollment of 4 weeks.

Tuition for the entire 8 weeks is $2,450 full day (8:15-2:30) and $1,940 half day (8:15-12:00). Weekly rates are $315 full day and $255 half day.