10 Things to Cook with Toddlers

10 things to cook with toddlers recipes

As cooking engages all of the senses – seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and (most fabulously) tasting – cooking with toddlers provides them with fabulous sensory input that is really important for brain development. As a teacher and a mum I have cooked with toddlers many, many times and I find that cooking with toddlers can be lots of fun and relatively stress free with a little preparation. Here are my tips…

  • Choose a time when your toddler is not overly tired – first thing in the morning or after nap-time work well.
  • To keep the cooking experience short to suit a short toddler attention span, pre-measure the ingredients before you begin and have them individually separated ready for your toddler to add to the mixing bowl or pot.
  • Toddlers love to mix and stir so be sure to include mixing and stirring in the cooking experience!
  • There will invariably be mess but that is part of the process too. Fortunately toddlers also love helping to clean up!

10 Fun Recipes to Cook with Toddlers


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